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So, GDPR is with us. Many organisations will have taken steps to get themselves GDPR ‘ready’ by 25th May. Compliance is, of course, an ongoing obligation and, if you process personal data, you should have thought about the following key matters:  

INTERVIEW 2 WAY STREET 783x675It’s just over three years ago, I received my final classification from university.

Where has that time gone?

As I have been seeing beaming proud photos of graduates popping up on my timeline in their cap & gowns, it has got me reminiscing about my graduation, first ‘proper’ graduate job search and the whole interviewing process.

If you own or manage a small business, you’ll be aware of the importance of content marketing. Producing regular content (such as blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.) helps keep brand awareness high, paints you as an expert, and generally helps you be found by people who are looking for what you sell.

But how do you decide what topics to discuss in your content? How do you choose topics that play into your more “big picture” marketing goals? The answer is to create a robust content strategy.

I'm sure you've all seen the recent scandals regarding misuse and loss of personal data. Facebook and Equifax in particular have shown us just how vulnerable we are, and how much sensitive information is held about us. The truly staggering part is how valuable this data can be to thieves and hackers. It's never been more important for businesses to secure the data that they hold on their customers; but what should they do? Businesses now need to be able to compliantly store, send and receive documents which contain a clients' personal information. For example, passports, utility bills, bank state-ments (any of which may be required to prove a clients' identity) can also be used by criminals for nefarious purposes.

Ah, the millennial… Popular media would have us believe that they’re selfie-loving, self-absorbed, twenty-something adult children. But are they? Is there any truth in that generalisation? Or are millennials as mythical as a manticore?

If you stick the word 'millennial' into any search engine, you’ll get a number of conflicting results on how old you need to be to count as a millennial, but the most conservative estimates range between 18 and 35. Now anyone who has been 18 and 35 knows very well that their tastes and lifestyle likely differed wildly in the 17 years in-between. This is where the sweeping generalisation of the “millennial” label starts to fall apart. How can any company realistically market to such a wide age range?

fgrfeKatie Colledge-Price of Carpendale EV Consulting notes that “it’s inevitable, the future of travel and how we commute is going to change as autonomous and electric vehicles evolve along with the growth of sustainable travel solutions and smart use of technology”.

This sea-change can be seen in the car market as an ever wider variety of electric vehicles come onto the market, with more being introduced over the coming years. Whether you’re after a car, van, pick-up or bike, the options are vast and still growing.

1044139 10151493429341024 5479546 n 260x300Heather (from HMB Training Services) experienced a febrile convulsion when her daughter was just past four years old. Here is her story…

Oh my, my daughter had a seizure and I felt soo panicked…

It was summer of 2013, the worst day of my life, it really was.

“He shoots, he scores, yet another great goal!”

We’ve all seen it, the foot-balling hero playing a blinding game; their poetic foot work mesmerising us for 90 minutes, leaving spectators satisfied at the hard work watched.

But what if the picture’s not so rosy, when players don’t put the ball in the back of the net and the adulation which once motivated a player dries up. Rather than excitement for each game, they dread each match as claws of anxiety herald their arrival. Before long depression, too may appear, a black cloud shadowing every waking moment.

We’ve all been there. Working out a promotional strategy that works for you and your business is hard enough but getting your head around the various promotional practices out there can be a confusing prospect.

Those outside of the marketing/press sphere often find themselves pondering – “what exactly is marketing?”, “How does PR relate to marketing?”, “What’s the difference between advertising and marketing?”

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the importance of having a strong brand identity through good design but have you ever considered the real value it has to your business and your marketing efforts?

We all know that marketing is essential to make your business grow. Business owners and marketers are inundated with creating good content and communicating the companies marketing message through all possible platforms. The most common used are blog posts, email campaigns, direct mail and social media posts. However, if everyone’s marketing is being done via these platforms and materials, how is your message heard above everyone else’s? Even the best strategically targeted marketing campaign will only deliver results if it catches your prospects attention and then keeps them interested.

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