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Trifocal Lenses Allow Clear Vision Without Glasses

Mr Ilango patient Mr BanksPatient Mr Richard Banks can now see clearly and will never need glasses, having undergone trifocal lens cataract surgery on both eyes at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital. Uniquely the latest generation trifocal intra-ocular lenses give clear 20/20 vision at all distances, with minimal glare and few halo effects at night.

Until a few years ago, artificial lenses used during cataract surgery could correct vision for one or two distances only. So this same person could have their artificial lens adjusted for one focusing power, usually for distance vision, but would still need to pick up reading glasses to see up close. The latest generation lenses are called trifocals because they also offer clear vision at middle distances, which is generally anything at arm’s length. This is in addition to providing near and far vision. Uniquely trifocal lenses allow a person to switch effortlessly between all three distances; near distance - for reading, long distance and the in between distances. Vision is clear at all those points, which is something the previous multifocal lenses couldn’t achieve.

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Balasubramaniam Ilango, who performs 2000 lens implants every year, is delighted with the outcome for his patient and explains, “Mr Banks’ eye sight was deteriorating due to cataracts. I operated on his first eye 18 months ago to remove the cataract and implant the trifocal lens and I was extremely pleased with the result. Recently he returned for the same surgery on the second eye and now is unlikely to need glasses at all. His vision is clear for intermediate as well as distance and near vision, so he is able to switch naturally between all distances. With tri-focal lenses, his sight has been restored to near perfect high resolution views, under all light conditions.”

Richard Banks, 52, who travelled to the private hospital in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton from Newport, Shropshire, says, “It’s brilliant to have the freedom from ever needing to wear glasses. My restored sight is now crisp and clear and the recovery time for the second eye was even quicker. Being a sporty outdoor person, it is great to be able to see in 3D all the way to the horizon! Even little things, like being able seeing the football score in the top corner of the TV screen again from across the room and also to read menus in poor light in restaurants, makes a huge difference.”

The average age for people having tri-focal implants is 55. Prices per eye for tri-focal lens implants, only available privately, start at £2900. It is worth noting that they remove the need for glasses permanently, so there will be a future saving on the regular repeat expense of glasses that are no longer needed.

At Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital, in addition to specialist eye surgeon Mr Ilango, other ophthalmologists specialising in high volume cataract surgery include Mr Kam Balaggan and Mr Bal Manoj.

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