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Developed by our Consultative Forum, the manifesto sets out the region’s policy priorities identified by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce’s members and business community. Many of the issues outlined here include longstanding ones for companies across the UK as well as those unique to our geographical area. Throughout these pages you’ll discover more about these topics and key themes along with the Chamber’s responses.

2019/2020 Manifesto

Our manifesto has five key campaign areas and three commitments against each. Of the course of the year we will be meeting with businesses, politicians, government departments and policymakers in order to make progress against these areas.

Making More: Manufacturing for Modern Markets
  • Highlight policy decisions and issues affecting the automotive supply chain
  • Raise awareness of Research & Development Tax Credits and how they can benefit our businesses
  • Enhance communications between manufacturers and the wider business communities to drive efficiency and savings
Effective Finance: Funding, Cashflow and Taxation
  • Challenge poor payment practices – calling for widespread changes to overdue payment processes
  • Help businesses access and better understand local and regional funding opportunities
  • Advocate for changes to the business rates system
Keeping Moving: Transport into and Beyond the Region
  • Bridging the communication gap between businesses and infrastructure projects
  • Engage long-term policy priorities to keep goods and services moving into, out of and around the region
  • Ensure regional transport bodies and agencies fully embrace their role in helping local businesses
Ahead of the Game: Recruitment, Skills and the Next Generation
  • Drive greater understanding of the Apprenticeship Levy
  • Increase awareness of T Levels and what they mean for regional businesses
  • Bridge the gap between businesses and the next generation
Business Essentials: Getting the Basics Right
  • Help businesses navigate through Brexit
  • Raise the profile of the Black Country as a place to work and do business in
  • Drive greater diversity in the workplace and a balanced boardroom

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