Bank of England Webinar

03 Jun 2020 10:00 - 11:00

Online Event
Online Event

Members: Free

Join us for an online edition of our Bank of England Panel Event with Matthew Lowe (Policy Manager, BCCC) and Glynn Jones (Deputy Agent, Bank of England)

Topics Discussed include:
  • ACTIVITY: How are demand and output being affected by Covid-19-related issues such as supply-disruption, social distancing, lockdown, etc?
    • Is consumer behaviour changing? Any signs of increasing household vulnerability?
    • How long do you expect it to take for activity to return to "normal" once lockdown restrictions are lifted? What are the challenges to this? How long can you survive in current conditions?
    • What will the transition out of lockdown look like? What actions are you planning to take? What stresses are likely to occur? (eg on inventories, supply-chains, freight capacity, etc)?
    • What does the new “normal” look like? What changes do companies expect to make in light of the pandemic?
  • INVESTMENT: Have investment plans been maintained, cancelled or deferred? If deferred, when is investment likely to be reinstated?
  • LABOUR: What are pay and employment plans over the next 3-6 months?
    • Are companies topping up wages of furloughed staff?
    • Are redundancies expected?
    • What’s the process for bringing staff back into work, over what timeframe will this happen?
  • PRICING: Any changes to costs/prices?  Expectations for costs/prices on re-opening?
  • CREDIT CONDITIONS: experience of CBILS/CLBILS? Demand for credit? Any changes in credit conditions on existing or new lending? Developments in the availability of trade credit insurance / trade credit?
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