Business Webinar: Tendering Tips For The Commonwealth Games 2022 & HS2

09 Jul 2020 10:00 - 11:00

Online Event
Online Event

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Join us, alongside Klick Business Solutions, the multi award-winning specialised tender writing and bid management company, to explore further opportunities around the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham & HS2 Supply Chain Opportunities. 
Writing a tender can be daunting!
A high level of competition, and an enormous amount of paperwork in addition to answering the tender questions, can put real stress on your available time and resources.

Understanding where to start, how to answer the questions and dealing with the myriad of paperwork that comes with tenders requires expert skill and experience.
Klicks Managing Director, Andrea Childs, is an expert – she will take you through many of the guidelines and in this live webinar will be concentrating on:

Effective risk Management.
Understanding and highlighting possible risks to the Buyer (Commonwealth Games) in your tender submission and what you need to do to fully mitigate any possible risk/s of using your company and assure the buyer (Commonwealth Games) of your capability and competence.
Localism – How as a locally based Midlands company you can score highly, in your tender submission to the Commonwealth Games Procurement /buyers and use your Postcode and local status to score marks.

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