Director & Board Development - Leading Strategic Change

09 Nov 2021 09:00 - 13:00

Online Event

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This subject is set over 4 half day workshops
9th November
18th November

2nd December
9th December

We are delighted to offer a new development programme of bespoke workshops, specifically designed for Directors, Boards and Business Owners. These workshops are all led by business professionals with a wealth of experience across a range of sectors who are able to bring the topics to life with practical examples and case studies from the real world.

Our Director and Board Development series is designed to build or reinforce the competencies needed to be an exemplar Director and business leader, dealing with the important aspects of directorship and addressing the common issues faced in this challenging role.
Delivery of programmes
Currently, our Director and Board Development workshops will be delivered virtually and in half-day sessions.


Why it matters now: Boards are responsible for the oversight of strategic change in their organisations. Excellent programme management capability is needed in every boardroom to ensure oversight and effective direction of all projects. As the responsible body, the board determines resourcing, outcomes, timelines, conflicts and interdependencies, delegating accountability where appropriate. Difficult choices need to be made and continuous review is essential to ensure that investment is well matched to delivering expected benefits.
What the workshops cover: These highly interactive and practical workshops provide the opportunity for each director to explore the strategic change processes in their own organisation. Participants will identify how they can best contribute at each stage, acting as sponsors who maintain the programme overview, as catalysts who create focus and momentum and as motivators, inspiring commitment and stakeholder engagement throughout the life of initiatives.
How participants benefit: Participants contribute their insights into the process by which strategic change happens in their organisations. By the end of the workshop, each director will have developed an agenda of actions to improve the strategic change process and leadership in their organisations.

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