Director & Board Level Development - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Board

10 Jun 2021 09:00 - 13:00

Online Event
Online Event

Members: £450.00
Non members: £750.00

This Training Course is made up of 1 Half day session
10th June: 9am - 1pm

Over the past year, Directors have faced unprecedented challenges and have had to make tough decisions, often without the appropriate data or information to hand. These challenges will continue throughout 2021 and strong Leadership and Governance has rarely been more crucial to support the robust decision making that is needed to ensure the survival and growth of businesses across the region.

We are delighted to offer a new suite of development courses and bespoke workshops, specifically designed for Directors and the Board. These courses are all led by business professionals with a wealth of experience across a range of sectors who are able to bring the topics to life with practical examples and case studies from the real world.

Our Director Development series is designed to build or reinforce the competencies needed to be an exemplar Director, dealing with the important aspects of directorship and addressing the common issues faced in this challenging role.

Currently, all of our Director Development courses will be delivered virtually and in half day sessions.
  How to get the most out of your Board
The relationship with Board members and the Executive team is paramount to the success of a business and better informed Boards make better decisions. A good Board of Directors is a valuable resource, with supportive and experienced professionals providing independent oversight and a reality check on business plans and leadership.
This module explores how well business leaders are using this resource, suggesting strategies and approaches for the effective management of stakeholders at Board level. It will cover the responsibilities, accountabilities and activities of the Board, helping delegates to identify and understand the crucial differences between direction, management and ownership.

Delegates are encouraged to consider their own role, Board and organisation, bringing relevant issues and challenges to share, discuss and develop solutions. It will help them to recognise the approach to take as a Director, both in and out of the boardroom and how to improve personal boardroom effectiveness, increasing their confidence to challenge and influence Board level decisions and company direction

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