An overview of IP protection tailored towards rebooting and rebuilding post-Covid

12 May 2021 11:00 - 12:00

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An overview of IP protection tailored towards rebooting and rebuilding post-Covid
12th May 2021
Presenter: Emma Johnson, partner at Forresters

We know that your business might have had a lot of down-time over the past year but at the same time we have recognised the Black Country as a region with increased innovation processes. You may be part of a new company looking to meet new needs brought about by the changed life. It is during challenging times that there are scientific and technical niches to be filled.

Whether your business is a new one or it is a well-established one that diversifies in response to the crisis, you will have some form of intellectual property (IP). Possessing IP rights (patents, trade marks, copyright) is a source of competitive advantage and a reward for creativity, and this needs to be protected.

This webinar, part of the Re-Building phase of Black Country 2.0, will focus on providing insight on how protecting your intellectual property can help you and your business better navigate in these challenging times. Protecting your IP is key and can mean the difference between success and failure.
During the webinar you can expect
  • clear guidance on how to identify the many aspects of your business that can be protected (for example, your business name and logo, designs, inventions, trade marks, creative works)
  • successful case studies
  • learning about the different types of IP
  • appreciating the value of your IP assets and the importance of protecting these valuable assets
  • advice on how to protect yourself from your competitors
  • advice on the steps you need to take to get IP protection in place in a clear and jargon-free language

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