Business Development Programme

The Business Development Programme (BDP) is ideal for Start-Up Businesses or SME's. The programme will deliver 5 module masterclass sessions that focus around upskilling, developing and supporting your business to become successful in growth. Below is a list of workshop and topics included in the BDP.

Workshop 1 - Business Planning

  • Reviewing of business plan
  • Goal setting
  • Skills evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Employing staff

Workshop 2 - Finance

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Book-keeping software and tools
  • Making tax digital
  • Avenues for funding
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Debt recovery

Workshop 3 - Marketing

  • Identifying routes to market
  • Brand development
  • Implementing targeting marketing campaigns using social media
  • Target market and segmentation

Workshop 4 - Sales & Growth

  • Vision and purpose
  • Creating a sales funnel
  • Developing the perfect sales pitch
  • Upselling and scaling
  • Targets for growth

Workshop 5 - Evaluation

The fifth day would be an evaluation day where the group get to assess their development and talk about their progress and how they have implemented their new skills and knowledge into their business and what difference this has made.

This programme would be beneficial especially for start-up companies, or for smaller SME’s who may have plateaued and be looking to grow their company.

The full list of Workshop days are:
Tuesday 10th September 2019
Tuesday 8th October 2019
Tuesday 12th November 2019
Tuesday 10th December 2019
Tuesday 21st January 2020

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