Resource Matching Workshop: Focus on Construction

19 May 2021 10:00 - 11:30


This workshop is hosted by EnTRESS and International Synergies, and will focus on matching resources within the construction industry.

About this Event

Does your company have redundant or unwanted resources that you currently dispose of?

Is there a certain resource that your company is trying to get their hands on?

Is your company seeking innovative ways to reduce waste and save money whilst being environmentally compliant?

A “resource matching” workshop brings together businesses with a common goal in mind – to save money by improving the way they manage resources and waste materials. This EnTRESS event, in partnership with International Synergies, aims to enable businesses to identify new opportunities between delegates at the event through the matching of resources, including waste, logistics and expertise.

Companies can achieve substantial cost savings, generate sales from new markets and contribute towards creating an environmentally sustainable economy. The EnTRESS team will facilitate an online interactive session that will allow companies from the construction sector to exchange details about waste streams they ‘have’ on-site or ‘want’ as a resource.

Examples of resources that you might 'have' or 'want' could be wood waste, bricks and rubble, glass, plastics and contaminated soils.

Delegates will be required to bring details of resources you wish to share or discuss on the day and will be contacted in advance. This will help us understand and quantify what resources you have or need, making matches more likely.

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10.00am - Introductions
10.15am - Resource Matching via breakout rooms
11.00am - Results
11.15am - Closing Remarks