International Student Placements

The International Student Placement Office (ISPO) aims to aid the international development of local businesses through the appointment of European students for short-term work placements.

The students will spend 5 - 6 months within your company building and using their knowledge of cultural awareness, coupled with linguistic skills, to potentially help you to open or expand into overseas markets. Through established links with universities throughout the European Union we are able to source motivated and intelligent students with the skills required to meet your business needs.

Why Host an ISPO Student?
An international student will act as a native guide into your international markets, helping you to develop trade opportunities and provide a bridge over cultural barriers.

The Role of ISPO
ISPO will pre-screen and select appropriate applicants to meet your requirements and arrange interviews between you and your chosen candidates. They will also remain an ongoing point of contact for both the Host Company and student throughout the placement, ensuring satisfaction for all parties.

Nature of Roles

ISPO students can undertake various roles to potentially add value to your international trade function.

ISPO does not require companies to pay any salary to a student, in fact the scheme aims to be as cost effective as possible. ISPO operates on a non-for-profit basis and seeks only to cover operational costs. Students generally receive grant funding from Erasmus+ granted by their universities to cover the costs of carrying out a placement overseas.

Please click here for more information relating to costings.

How do I Apply to Host a Student?
You can apply to host an international student by contacting Gerald LaTouche on 01902 912318 or click here to send Gerald an email. ISPO will then contact you shortly after to arrange a meeting in which they will explain everything in detail and discuss your requirements.

ISPO Case Studies:

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