International Trade Support

Businesses wishing to begin exporting or improve their export performance can obtain help from both the Chamber and the Black Country Team of the Department for International Trade (DIT). The Chamber is a delivery partner for the DIT contract so both members and non-members can access support from our dedicated International Trade Team.

The International Trade Team delivers expert advice and practical support to companies wishing to grow their business overseas, by offering a range of unique services; whatever stage of development your business is at, the team can give you the support that you need to expand and prosper.

“They provide excellent support and assistance and a wide variety of services for all sizes of organisations, from established exporters like us, through to those wishing to export for the first time. We are constantly entering new markets and their Overseas Market Introduction Service is often critical to our entry strategies.” Pietro Cardente, Export Director, IBP Group.

How can we help?
  • Free support and advice from a dedicated International Trade Adviser (ITA) based at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce;
  • Explore a range of export markets around the world to assess the viability of your business;
  • Services are available to assist with the financing of your export operations;
  • When it comes to getting your goods to market, assistance on logistical transport through to insurance is available;
  • Help with your international communications in on hand to ensure nothing is lost in translation;
  • Events and training courses that are specifically designed for companies trading internationally;
  • The Chamber provides a range of export documentation services to ensure that you have the passport for international success;
  • Export Britain is a new online resource from the British Chambers of Commerce to assist exporters.

To view the range of live opportunities that are available for your business please visit

For more information please contact the team on 0330 024 0820.

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