Uncover the best way to manage your business' foreign exchange and international payments with Halo Financials’ award-winning currency solutions.

Halo Financial provide a better way for the most globally active and ambitious companies to transfer money across borders. Their experienced team of Currency Consultants are focused on mitigating foreign exchange risk associated with international trade. By applying bespoke solutions, Halo Financial will protect revenues and profit margins, helping your business trade successfully across borders, and grow with confidence.

Working with Halo Financial as a Black Country Chamber member you can access:

• A dedicated Currency Consultant

• Free currency health check

• Multiple currency holding accounts

• Expert market guidance and analysis

• Free external treasury function to support your business

• Grow your business with Halo Financial

To learn more about how Halo Financial can help your business mitigate currency risk and transfer money across borders, contact them today.

Email: blackcountrychamber@halofinancial.com