Chamber Membership

Being a part of the Chamber has been an essential part of the growth of our business. From the moment of joining we were offered so much support and advice. The events the team organise for you as a member are also important as they give you, the business owner, the opportunity to connect with local businesses - we all look after each other! We really value the support offered. The Chamber Relationship Managers are only a phone call away and do their best to connect you to the right people. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they want to see your business thrive!

Karen Eyke, Recruit Recruit

Legal Expenses Insurance

Having had problems in the past with other providers, namely: duplicated polices, over charging and non-required services that were being charged for, we needed a review and sound trusted advice from one source, preferably local. Ian Worthington provides an excellent managed service. He is efficient, his knowledge of the market and available products is extensive, and he has an excellent ability to solve problems and provide solutions quickly with minimum involvement from me! I can highly recommend Timmins Whittaker and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business partnership.

Andrea Childs, Klick Business Solutions

AA Roadside Assistance

As a 34 year member of the AA, I was disappointed to see new members being offered much better deals than us long term loyal ones, so I was really pleased to find the Chamber coming to the assistance of our business. In one simple phone call we have improved our cover level, saved 55% on the original renewal fee and transferred the costs to the business from my pocket. I was pleased to find that I could add my own vehicle to the company cover because it is used primarily for business use – and, I have already used the AA’s services under the new scheme because of foolishly leaving my lights on over a weekend recently!  Well done to the Chamber of Commerce for this opportunity.

Roy Casey, Success Train

Chamber Commercial Energy

As a member of Black Country Chamber of Commerce, my business has access to a range of products and benefits benefiting my business and employees. One of the benefits we receive is access to an energy advice helpline provided by Chamber Energy Solutions. I called the helpline for advice on renewing my electricity contract to find out which option would provide the most value to my business. Chamber Energy Solutions provided a fast, efficient and professional service. I was offered a range of options for my new contract, and received a very competitive price which beat the quotes I had received directly from a number of suppliers. I would recommend the service offered by the Chamber Energy Solutions team, the service offers huge benefits for Chamber members regarding their energy contracts and queries.

John Gould, Natralight Ltd

Legal Expenses Insurance

We have been members of the Black Country Chamber for five years and didn’t fully appreciate all the benefits included until we found ourselves in a situation where an ex-employee was taking us to tribunal and we were faced with thousands of pounds of legal fees. When we realised we had Legal Expenses Insurance, we made contact with the Chambers provider to find out if we could claim. We were delighted to find out we could and a solicitor was appointed straight away. We were able to claim nearly £12,000, which will justify our membership subscription for the next 22 years! We strongly recommend every Chamber member find out exactly what benefits you are entitled to and make full use of them, the return really can be massive.

Chamber Member (anonymous due to sensitivity)

HR4UK - HR Documents Service

I would like to recommend the online employment system devised by HR4UK. It is a simple system that allows my company to easily access zero-hour contracts and add all of our policy and procedure onto it. Also the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and were very professional when training me on their system. As the founder of More Mascots Please CIC I would highly recommend them.

Ceri Davies, More Mascots Please CIC

Export Documentation

We have been working in the engineering industry for fifty years and during that time I have been heavily involved with exporting products worldwide. As engineers we are strong in our respective field, but when it comes to export documentation we require help. Therefore, we turned to the Black Country Chamber of Commerce. The export documentation department at the Chamber are very knowledgeable on all aspects of exporting and have been an ever present help in times of need. Thanks to their expertise we are a successful export busines, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Fred Heaton, Boltight

Legal Helpline Service

Signs Now UK has been a member of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce since we started our business back in 1997. Over the years, we have been privileged to win several awards from the Chamber, including Small Business of the Year (when we were small) and Outstanding Business of the Year (when we were older and bigger).

As a member, I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to call the Legal Helpline Service on a number of occasions. Like any business owner, there are so many aspects of the law we have to keep an eye on and you do not always want to be lashing out money on solicitor fees. I have found the Legal Helpline to be a very useful resource. When I anticipate a legal issue I can call the helpline, get put through to a specialist expert and then enjoy the opportunity to share my concern with an experienced professional without having to worry about the cost. On most occasions this has enabled me to resolve my legal problem more quickly and effectively than I could have done otherwise. It is worth the membership fee alone!

Bill Dunphy, Signs Now UK