Quarterly Economic Survey

The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is a survey that is conducted each quarter, the results of which contribute towards and are compiled by the British Chambers of Commerce to form one of the largest independent economic surveys of businesses in the UK.

What is the Quarterly Economic Survey?

As the most authoritative national business confidence survey, and the first to be published in each quarter, the results of this survey are closely watched by both HM Treasury and the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, and help to inform decisions that impact upon interest rates and business policy. The survey itself has reliably anticipated the onset of the two recessions since the early 1990s before they began and continues to act as a reliable indicator of national and regional economic performance. The Black Country Chamber of Commerce uses the results of the survey to inform upon detailed economic performance and trends throughout the local region and beyond.

In Q4 2016, the survey covered approximately 7,500 businesses employing over 660,000 people nationally, therein highlighting that it provides a representative picture of UK commerce and industry. Moreover, fluctuations in prices or a downturn in demand are important economic indicators that are flagged up first by businesses on the ground, so the survey itself is an essential mechanism for decision-makers to understand the economy, not just in the City of London, but in the regions too.

How can I contribute?

The survey consists of tick-box questions that cover several aspects of your business, such as employment, sector, investment and external factors, and should take you approximately three minutes to complete. Please note that no detailed information is required and the survey itself is completely anonymous.

Please click here to take part in the latest QES.

How are the survey results released?

As a Chamber, we endeavour to communicate the results of this survey to our Members through a variety of channels. For example, we publish the report and accompanying infographic on our website and also seek to distribute these directly to our Members, making sure that they remain abreast of economic trends within the region.

To view the latest Quarterly Economic Survey results from Q3 2018 please click here.

For further information on the Quarterly Economic Survey please call 0330 024 0820.