As a Chamber, we actively campaign for the interests of our members and the local business community, delivering services that help you grow. We are the premier private sector source of advice and support. With this in mind, we play a key role in bridging the gap between educators and business by highlighting the skills employers need and influencing education policy to ensure they’re delivered effectively.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Many young people are denied meaningful interactions with the world of work, and many employers are frustrated by the lack of skills and experience they are looking for. Our research shows many businesses think more can be done to better prepare young people for the workplace. Key areas that need addressing are improving ‘soft skills’ such as communication, team working and resilience, as well as better careers advice and engagement with business in schools.

We believe it is a shared responsibility between business, education and government to address this. We are therefore working in partnership with the Black Country LEP and Careers and Enterprise Company on The Enterprise Adviser Network Programme, which is committed to bridging the gap between business and education by increasing collaborative engagement between the business community and education providers, improving young people’s transition to work.

The BCC campaign ‘Bridging the Gap between Business and Education’ is a positive call to action to:

  • Increase collaboration between education providers and businesses.
  • Support young people to gain the skills and knowledge to help their transition into work.
  • Influence government education and skills policy, representing the interests of businesses, education and young people.

Volunteer & Make A Difference

Enterprise Advisers are our senior business volunteers. They work closely with a local school or college to develop a careers plan that puts opportunities with local employers at the heart of a young person’s education.

Being an Enterprise Adviser can be incredibly rewarding. It’s a great opportunity to:

  • Use your experience and network to inspire young people and improve their chance of getting a job.
  • Address skills gaps in the local and national job market.
  • Deepen your connection to the local community.
  • Build your company’s reputation.
  • Develop your own interpersonal and strategy skills.

Our monthly Skills Bulletin aims to keep you updated with the current education, employment and skills landscape. Please sign up for the monthly skills bulletin below or via your dashboard when logged in.

For more information on Skills policy please contact Vikki Haines, Careers & Enterprise Coordinator at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, on 01902 912333 or email

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