Young Chamber

Our modern Industrial Strategy is about building a Britain fit for the future by investing in the development of skills to meet the changing needs of business, increase productivity and drive growth across the whole country.

Our Young Chamber members are instrumental in this process, and by supporting their development and growth it will enable us to support the creation of future leaders. It is vital, in an environment where new industries are emerging and many of the most important jobs of the future don't yet exist, that individuals have access to high-quality education, employer engagement, labour market information and earnings data to underpin their choices.

What is the Young Chamber Committee?

The Young Chamber Committee consists of secondary schools and colleges across the Black Country with student body representatives that voice the issues and opinions of their whole school body. The Committee was set up to be a link between schools and businesses, a platform for both parties to interact on mutual ground.

Role & Purpose

To enable young people to network and make contacts with other committee members, employers and decision makers in the Black Country. It will also provide them with a voice on the diverse local economic and political issues of relevance to them.


To allow Young Chamber members to:

  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Influence decisions in their local area.
  • Make links with potential employers, with access to Black Country Chamber members.
  • Gain practical employability skills, including communication, decision-making, time-management, etc.

Student Chair
Liam Hall
RSA Academy

Student Vice-Chair
Ezha Jahangir - Year 11 Student
Pegasus Academy

For more information on the Young Chamber initiative, including details on how you can get involved, please contact our Young Chamber representative, Vikki Haines on 01902 912333 or email

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