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14 Jul 2020

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If your vending supplier has let you down, or you're looking to get started with vending, choose Black Country vending firm Coinadrink Limited!

The last few months have been tough for us all, but that’s no excuse for your vending supplier letting you down. In fact, it is times like this you expect more from them. You expect to be treated like a valued customer, receiving help and support to guide you through an unprecedented time. If you feel like your vending supplier could have perhaps done more, it’s easy to switch.

Coinadrink Limited is a trusted West Midlands vending supplier with over 58 years’ experience. We have remained operational throughout the pandemic to support our customer base, which is just one example of how we push the boundaries to deliver total satisfaction. This blog post explains what it is that sets us apart from the competition, and how we have gone the extra mile during the pandemic to show our support to our customers.

Lead times as promised.

Everything about our business is open and transparent. This starts at the very beginning and we always tell you when you can expect your equipment to be installed. If we foresee any issues, we will let you know. You may expect the pandemic to have affected our lead times, as it has with many other vending companies. But here at Coinadrink we have managed to stick to our usual time frames, thanks to committed team members who have worked hard in such unprecedented times. Workplace refreshments are a key tool to improve the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce and we don’t think you should have to wait for facilities that are now considered to be a necessity. Whatever your lead time is on your equipment, you can expect it to stay that way. Lead times on your equipment are promised and we always keep you updated.

Our service response time maintained.

We provide the quickest service response time in the industry at under 2 hours. It is a key aspect that has always set us apart from the competition and this is something we have managed to uphold across the last few months, too. We are here for our customers whenever they require us, regardless of the situation. It may have been that your current vending supplier wasn’t quick enough to your rescue during a time you needed them the most, but here at Coinadrink we fight the conditions to make you our number one priority. In fact, our response time is often what our customers praise us for the most on our customer care surveys. Because when workplace refreshments are this important, why should you be without for too long? Coinadrink Limited are a trusted West Midlands vending supplier providing exemplary customer service.

No charge for peace of mind.

During what was, and still is, a scary time for us all, the last thing you want is someone to “cash in” on your worries. Our stringent hygiene procedures are very much proactive as opposed to reactive, so we understand the importance of health and safety and believe peace of mind should come as standard. We would never take advantage of what we see as our duty. That’s why we provided free machine relocations to customers who wanted to implement social distancing on their premises. Vending remains a safe entity for the provision for food and drink and by adhering to social distancing guidelines customers could continue to use their equipment with peace of mind. Indeed, we did have a lot of customers take us up on this offer.

Advanced hygiene procedures.

Our advanced hygiene standards are old as we are. So whilst other vending companies are merely reacting to COVID-19, we were always confident in our pro-active mindset. And thanks to the flexibility of our procedures, such as our advanced auditing process, our hygiene standards are well placed for the future. As we have said, health and safety should always come as standard. You rely on your vending and coffee machine every day, so making sure its clean and safe to use at all times is a basic expectation. If you want to read more about our hygiene procedures, you can do so here. Only Coinadrink Limited can provide all of this. Advanced hygiene procedures from an advanced vending supplier.

Switch to a better vending supplier.

If you feel your vending supplier has let you down, a trusted and experienced alternative is just a phone call or message away. Coinadrink is a proud West Midlands vending supplier and our high-quality equipment is tailored to suit your requirements, whether you’re after a basic coffee machine or a fully operated vending service. Whilst varied and flexible, all of our equipment benefits from the same exemplary hygiene standards. Contact us today and see how easy it is to switch to a better vending supplier.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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