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10 Jul 2018

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Poor physical health such as a bad back can lead to deterioration in mental wellbeing. Not being able to do what you enjoy physically may well affect your mental health, especially when this goes on for months or year. Five consultant spinal surgeons at Nuffield Health are on hand to help change the lives of patients for the better so they can resume an active lifestyle.

In a patient satisfaction report for May, the Wolverhampton private hospital scored 100% satisfaction for patients treated for urology, gynaecology and orthopaedics, which includes spinal services. The hospital came second out of all 31 Nuffield Health hospitals in the UK for the likelihood of being recommended to friends and family.

The spinal disorders service at Wolverhampton's private hospital extends from advice and joint injections through to treatment with keyhole surgery and major open surgery to reconstruct the spine. Mr Gabriel Alo , Mr Mushtaque Ishaque Mr Anthony Marino,  Mr Panteleimon Papanikolaou and Mr Khalid Saeed, all part of the consultant spinal surgery team at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital, are trained to treat the causes of physical limitations to return people to their physical and mental well being. 

The potential results of spinal surgery are now far better than people realise. Mr Papanikolaou says "Sometimes an assessment will show that generalised back pain is a result of wear and tear and, following tests, the patient can be reassured that the problem isn't anything more serious. Over time, we are seeing more conditions related to age, such as spinal stenosis, a complaint caused by pressure on the nerves in the lower back – this causes pain when walking. Spinal surgery has improved over the last 10 years and many procedures such as those for trapped nerves have a 90% success rate. Patients with sciatica typically go to their GP with severe leg pain and possible numbness. The most common cause is a herniated disc pressing against the nerves in the back. Where surgery is necessary, this involves a very small incision and a small part of the disc is shaved away, giving the patient instant pain relief."

Mr Papanikolaou adds "Golf is a generally a good gentle exercise for both women and men and is a sport that I enjoy personally. Don't overdo it though and remember that it is often normal to feel stiff or have mild muscular aches the day after any unaccustomed exercise and this does not necessarily mean that you have done yourself any harm or significantly injured your back. However, if the pain persists, consult your GP for an initial diagnosis."

For a taste of what is available more generally, there are regular free events at the hospital in Tettenhall.  On the evening of Tuesday 25 September 2018, there will be a presentation on cosmetic surgery with specialist consultant Mr Guy Sterne and on the 27th September consultant dermatologist Dr Haytham Al-Rawi will speak about skin conditions. To book early for these, or to find out about spinal or other services, please ring 01902 793269.

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