Adding a HTML signature to Mac Mail

09 Nov 2020

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Dynamic email signature

Many times I come across email footers with a logo and contact information that are just images not functioning text or hyperlinks. This can not only be unprofessional, clunky and ugly, but also can hinder the amount of directed marketing you offer through hyperlinks.

Why Use an HTML Signature?

With an HTML version you can add any number of hyperlinks directed to new promotions, not solely to your home page. If you have a new product or service to launch, with a landing page ready to go, then you want to market that as much as possible. It makes sense to update your footer to capitalise on the footfall generated from a simple email.

HTML signatures do offer many benefits. You can create more styling and layout options that work with your branding.

In 10 steps this tutorial will show you how to add a designed signature in Mac Mail. Included is a free html layout for you to edit.

Submitted by Francesco from Stripy Eye
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