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05 Sep 2018

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AIM FlyersThe Black Country Chamber is an not-for-profit membership organisation that provides business support to businesses throughout yep, you guessed it, the whole of the Black Country area. We have been members for a few years now and have really enjoyed and benefited from being a part of the Chamber members community.

So when a tender opportunity for the Chamber came through to our inbox last year, we were delighted to be considered and offered a chance to work together on a big branding project. As you can gather from this blog post, we won the tender! Proud as punch, we set about working with the Chambers marketing department on branding their support programme "AIM for the Black Country".

AIM for the Black Country is an amazing support programme offering Black Country SME's a range of free business reviews, workshops, advice and help with funding. The programme is designed to be able to help businesses from all sectors which means there's something for every business to benefit from.

A big part of the AIM programme is providing a range of masterclasses, where individuals who are experts in their field hold free workshops to give advice and provide training. These workshops cover topics which include sales and marketing, finance, networking, right through to tendering and HR. If you're a SME make sure you take a look and take advantage of what AIM has to offer, we guarantee you will find something you could benefit from!

After sitting down with the Black Country Chamber marketing team it became apparent the project had to be flexible. They needed a design concept which enabled them to add and take away workshops from the AIM programme as it developed without it causing disruption to the brand materials. The last thing they wanted was to incur unnecessary costs such as reprinting when the programme grew and this needed to be communicated to the members.

Therefore, with all this in mind we created a flexible colour coded category design concept. We created one flyer per workshop for ease of adding and removing from the AIM program. They are colour coded which helps visually separate the topics but also helps the Chamber members easily identify the categories that interest them. For example if sales and marketing workshops are your thing, be sure to look our for the category colour orange! With all these workshop flyers we decided we needed something to put them in so we created a snazzy folder to help you keep all your information in one safe place. Other marketing materials include pull up banners and both online and print adverts.

We always enjoy working with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and have loved delivering this project for such a great programme helping local businesses grow and unlock their potential. AIM stands for "Advice, Investment & Market Development" and that's exactly what you get. Its funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), so there is no cost to your business. If you're a SME based in the Black Country this programme is not to be missed, there's something for everyone!

For more information regarding the programme give them a call on: 01902 912303, or check out their latest masterclass workshops here: This blog post was writtem by Bostin Design. For more information please visit

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