Black Country Business Podcast Episode 13: Business Owner Vs. Business Coach

26 Nov 2020

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6 Challenging questions every business owner wants to ask a business coach

What happens when the coach is put on the spot by a business owner and asked some of the most challenging (yet truthful) questions you can imagine?

In this episode of The Black Country Business Podcast... top UK business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming go into battle and face off against one another. Listen here.

As a West Midlands business owner himself (and a coach), Lewis will be wearing the hat of the business owner. Andy on the other hand will be wearing the hat of the business coach. Listen as Lewis asks challenging questions to Andy the business coach on the top most common myths around business coaching. There will be some fireworks!

Here are a glimpse of just some of the questions:

1. "What can you tell me about my business that I don't already know? You have never worked as a (insert job here)."

2. "This won't work in my business!"

3. "How do I find time when I'm already really busy?"

4. "What is business coaching going to cost me?"

5. "What results can I expect from business coaching and when?"

6. "I'm already very successful, why would I need a coach?"

Be sure to listen in and gain insight of not only how a business coach transforms your business and life success, but also tips and hints that you could apply to your company today!

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If you have your own questions about coaching book a conversation with Andy Hemming to find out more

Submitted by Kerry from ActionCOACH Black Country
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