Black Country Chamber Comments on Theresa May's Brexit Speech

02 Mar 2018

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Commenting on the Prime Minister's speech at the Mansion House today (Friday) outlining the government's Brexit objectives, Corin Crane, Chief Executive of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, commented: "Local businesses will be pleased to hear more clarity and honesty about the governments approach to the big decisions coming up, but we still need more details about timelines and transition periods and for all our members who trade across the globe, these are the details that will give them confidence to move their businesses forward.

"Black Country businesses will also be pleased to see that the next steps of the negotiation are really around the nitty gritty of trade specifics and intricacies. The speech has been welcomed by Michel Barnier which should mean that the two parties can now engage with a clearer vision of what the Brexit end-goal looks like."

In addition, Dr Adam Marshall, Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: "Businesses will appreciate the Prime Minister's ambition and her determination to secure a wide-ranging agreement in the next phase of negotiations with the European Union (EU). Theresa May's commitment to supporting the interests of business and enterprise will reassure firms that their needs will be front and centre in the negotiations ahead. 

"Businesses will still have to wait for some of the detail they need to plan ahead with confidence, but the Prime Minister was clearer and more realistic than ever before on the political choices and economic trade-offs ahead. 

"The practical issues that matter for business and trade must now become the absolute priority. The time for high-level statements is over, and attention must now turn to the painstaking process of getting the details right.

"Over the next fortnight, it is imperative for both sides to come to a swift agreement on transitional arrangements, to give businesses further certainty over short-term trading conditions, and to move swiftly on to detailed and constructive discussions about the future UK-EU relationship.  Businesses on both sides of the Channel will be dismayed if the parties opt for high-volume megaphone blasts over pragmatic and practical concerns."

Black Country Chamber of Commerce have received funding from the European Commission for a two-year contract to deliver the Black Country Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC). The Chamber will engage on EU topics of relevance to the public at both a local and regional level, focusing on key economic areas that have been highlighted as important, including international trade across EU borders, and the rights of EU nationals and foreign workers during and post-Brexit negotiations.

The Centre is free to access for all businesses and residents, for more information relating to the EDIC please email or call 0330 024 0820.

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