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24 Feb 2020

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Coinadrink Limited is a well-respected vending machine supplier that goes the extra mile to provide an unrivalled experience. Here is why.

See the blue Coinadrink logo anywhere and you’re sure to see the “more than just vending” tagline positioned neatly below. Rest assured we don’t take those four worlds lightly, and it’s a claim that’s sufficiently backed up right from the start.


Premium advice and recommendations. 


Coinadrink is not in the business to simply “sell boxes.” We pride ourselves on creating a relationship with the customer through a carefully tailored vending service that works around your niche requirements. You will spend over 90,000 hours of your life at work, and our vending solutions help create a positive environment that will boost morale. 


We’ve spoken to enough people in our time to appreciate the term “vending” is often considered a minefield. But with our 58 years’ experience, we take the time to understand your situation prior to providing our advice and recommendations. Recently, we have even launched our showroom booking system where you can come in to view and try our equipment first-hand, just to get more of an idea of what could work for your business. 


Premium vending services for all types of businesses. 


We supply hot and cold drinks, fresh food, snacks and water to a wide range of industries regardless of how many staff on site. Innovation is engrained in our DNA, which is largely the reason why we stay ahead of our competition. We aren’t tied down to any supplier, so we’re in a flexible position to add the very best machines to our lineup. 


Take the Kalea Plus fresh milk coffee machine, for example, which can bring the taste of the coffee shop into the workplace. This is important when 90% of employees say good quality drinks in the workplace are key to their happiness. Vending machines of today are incredibly advanced, from their touch screen selection systems to contactless payment systems. 


We site your machine on a plan to suit you, with purchase and rental options. We never deal in old, dirty or faulty equipment and are also proud to offer a certified refurbished offering for those looking for a more cost-effective route into the world of vending and workplace refreshments. 


Premium customer service. 


Become a customer of ours and you’ll experience just what goes into our unique service plan. We see our customers as part of our “family”, and you’ll develop a relationship with our long serving employees that can run as deep as you require. This is the same for all our customers, regardless of the vending service you have. Our customer care department make it their duty to check in with you through phone calls and personalised visits, but only as part of a schedule that’s approved by you beforehand. 


Should you select a fully operated service, our field-based operators will tidy and replenish your machine so that you never need lift a finger. This is thanks to our advanced IT systems that are entirely bespoke to us, so we can see which products are proving popular in real time. Operators routes are carefully selected for speed and efficiency to ensure you never have to be without your favourite items. 


We hope that machine faults are kept to a minimum, and as such we cherry pick our machines for reliability prior to adding them to our range. However, they may occur from time to time, and we’re well prepared. 


From the moment you log a service call, either by ringing into our service department or by scanning the QR code on your machine, we hold the fastest service response time in the industry at under 2 hours. This is thanks to field-based engineers who are well replaced to respond, therefore keeping machine downtime to a minimum. 


A premium vending company that goes the extra mile. 


From our sustainability schemes to our charitable efforts, you’ll quickly find that Coinadrink is far from your average vending company. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly and we never cower at the challenge of constant improvement. And that is why we see ourselves as “more than just a vending company.”


Workplace refreshments are not a luxury, they’re a necessity. They are a key tool to boost workplace wellbeing, which in turn improves productivity. So, if you’re looking to turn to vending, why not contact us today and see how we can improve your workplace? 

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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