Crowe helps Albert Jagger Ltd undertake major reshoring project

16 Sep 2019

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Crowe helps Albert Jagger Ltd undertake major reshoring project

Crowe helps Albert Jagger Ltd undertake major reshoring project

National audit, tax, advisory and risk firm, Crowe, has been instrumental in helping one of the Black Country’s best-known businesses to reshore a significant part of its manufacturing process.

Founded in 1887, Albert Jagger Ltd has been associated with innovation, excellent service and the highest quality products. In 2017, Albert Jagger reviewed its supply chain in terms of location, quality, certainty of supply and cost of procurement.

With the uncertainty around Brexit, Albert Jagger was prepared to bring the manufacture of one of its signature products back to the UK. Albert Jagger was introduced to the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in 2018, where they began a review of operations with reshoring antiluce production at the forefront.

The team at MTC remapped the shop floor looking at product flow optimisation and advised investment in CNC machinery. Following a substantial 18-month project, production of the antiluce fastener range is now firmly established back at its manufacturing facility, Albert Jagger Engineering, Vincent Works, Croxstalls Road, Bloxwich.

The reintroduction of antiluce manufacturing has cost over £500,000 and saw production begin on 1 June 2019, expecting around 750,000 antiluce to be produced in the first year.

Continuous investment into year two will see a second CNC machine double production figures. Andrew Cooper, General Manager at Albert Jagger, said: “From the outset, Johnathan Dudley and the team at Crowe worked with us at Albert Jagger in identifying key financial and time limiting markers.

Without the guidance and reassurance from Crowe, Albert Jagger wouldn’t have felt confident in starting the process.

” Johnathan Dudley said: “Clients are often surprised at how hands-on we are prepared to be. This project has been both challenging and rewarding for the team at Crowe, but it is great to note that the project was delivered, and production started on time.

“We wish Albert Jagger well and are very proud to have been involved in reshoring one of the flagship products of one of the Black Country’s best-known industrial names. As a key export product, it’s great to be associated with a project that contributes to future-focused international trading.”

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