Does Your Company Market to 'Millennials'? Don't.

11 Jul 2018

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Ah, the millennial… Popular media would have us believe that they're selfie-loving, self-absorbed, twenty-something adult children. But are they? Is there any truth in that generalisation? Or are millennials as mythical as a manticore?

If you stick the word 'millennial' into any search engine, you'll get a number of conflicting results on how old you need to be to count as a millennial, but the most conservative estimates range between 18 and 35. Now anyone who has been 18 and 35 knows very well that their tastes and lifestyle likely differed wildly in the 17 years in-between. This is where the sweeping generalisation of the "millennial" label starts to fall apart. How can any company realistically market to such a wide age range?

Making marketing assumptions about 17% of the population is not a smart use of your time or budget. Savvy marketers get to know their target market rather than relying on loose generational demographics. They find out what floats their audience's boat and tailor their advertising accordingly.

Use market research to find out what resonates with your average customer. What use of language and graphics do they respond best to? Where should you place your ads for the best possible response?

By finding out crucial things about your clientele, you give yourself the knowledge to create that perfect campaign that targets your audience perfectly. Whether that's the stereotypical 18-year-old student on a boozy night out or the stereotypical 35-year-old who much prefers a nice glass of Malbec and binge watching the latest Netflix series du jour once the kids are in bed.

Interested in the millennial phenomenon and what you should be doing instead of strategizing over a mere buzzword? Take a look at my full-length blog post The Problem with Marketing to Millennials.  If you're after an experienced copy and content writer to put your business into words, why not get in touch?

This blog post was written by Jenii Lowe of Obsidian Content Creation.

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