Eeeek, they've got a no names policy!

09 Sep 2019

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This blog gives some tips when faced with this, ensuring your sales calls can still be effective.

Since GDPR was introduced we’ve had a lot of questions about how it affects us when calling people, the answer being, it doesn’t! But one thing that does come into play more and more often these days, is switchboards who say “We’ve got a no names policy”. It’s understandable with data protection and GDPR, along with staff not wanting to be bombarded with sales calls, that people are protective of their information. So what can you do to ensure your sales calls are still effective?

Our three top tips:

#1 Prepare – use LinkedIn to find names before you call. It may feel tempting to skip this step, if you’re chomping at the bit to get on the phone and get some results, but trust us, a bit of legwork up front can save you tonnes of time and wasted effort in the end. And if you call and the person has changed or they don’t recognise the name you have, revisit LinkedIn and find someone else to try. The other bonus to this up-front research is you will be able to recognise and remove companies that just aren’t relevant and therefore save yourself calling time later on.

#2 Use email – sometimes, with the best will in the world, you are not going to get through on the phone, so try using email instead, or a LinkedIn message if the person doesn’t connect. But don’t be afraid to qualify out a target and let it go – if they don’t get back to you after a few attempts, they may not feel they have a need, or are perhaps happy with their supplier. You can’t win them all, so move on, and save your energy for the ones you can help.

#3 Try calling at different times of the day, sometimes you can find that a different person is answering at lunchtime for example, or on different days, and they may have another way of handling your call that makes it easier for you.  You may even find that in certain cases with smaller companies, that at lunchtime, the decision maker is answering themselves!  Knowing when to give up and when to keep trying is an intuitive skill that you’ll develop over time.

We hope that helps you, but if you have any questions please give us a call on 0121 347 6601; we don’t have a no names policy! 

Happy selling 

Blog submitted by Cre8 Sales Solutions Ltd. 

Submitted by Julia from Cre8 Sales Solutions Ltd
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