Episode 19 of The Black Country Business Podcast: How to build an 'effective' business plan

22 Feb 2021

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Are you looking to build an 'effective' business plan for your business?

Have you ever built a business plan in the past... for it just to end up in some drawer somewhere.

The secret between a business plan and an 'effective' business plan is what we do it... and the results it brings us.

Listen to this episode for your blueprint to how to get the most from a business plan.

Now if you want to build a business plan for your company, where's the first place you go? Well it would most likely be Google right?

The thing is when searching on Google is that you're only going to get what Google think ranks highest on SEO, so most likely you're going to get fed towards a blog page. You may even find some pdf template that goes into great detail of all the that really does nothing for moving your business forward.

Here's the thing... what really is a business plan about? Well why did you go into business in the first place?

If the business plan doesn't move you closer to the answer to that last question ever month or even every week, then guess what, you don't have a business plan, all you have is a document that ends up in a folder on your desktop forever.

In this episode, top business coaches based in the West Midlands have an open discussion of the best business plans they have seen. They discuss the most effective strategies of business and marketing plans, and also the difference in results that they have given business directors and owners.

Be sure to listen to this episode for ideas on how you can build an effective action plan for your business.

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Submitted by Kerry from ActionCOACH Black Country
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