Everyone loves Charlie!

05 Jul 2022

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Driver recognition

This Charles Windsor may not be a member of the royal family, but his clients certainly feel honoured when they get Charlie to cover their shifts! Neville Thomson, Director for Driver Hire Wolverhampton & Walsall met (socially-distanced) and registered Charlie for work, in September 2020.

Ever since, he’s worked every day, only having a short well-earned break to spend quality time with his family. In such a short space of time, he’s helped out so many local customers from electrical factories, tyre companies, meat companies, film companies, window companies… the list goes on.

Neville commented, “The only problem I have is that everyone loves Charlie – and all of my customers ask for him by name! He really is a wonderful driver and we recently awarded him our ‘Driver of the Month’.”

Charlie has recently started perm at a company that turned him away to get experience but we placed him a on a temp to perm with them earlier this year.


Submitted by Sarah from Driver Hire Wolverhampton & Walsall
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