First Aid Advice – What to do if someone has been stabbed

27 Mar 2019

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Statistics that were recently released by the Office for National Statistics show a 93% rise in the number of young people aged 16 and under being treated for assault by knife (or other sharp object) in the last five years.

Would you know what to do?

Statistics that were recently released by the Office for National Statistics show a 93% rise in the number of young people aged 16 and under being treated for assault by knife (or other sharp object) in the last five years. 

Would you know what to do?

If someone has been wounded with a knife or other sharp object, the vital thing is that the injured person receives medical attention as quickly as possible.

Stay calm.  Put pressure on the wound and call 999 straight away. Ensure that the pressure is maintained on the wound until help arrives. If there is an object in the wound don’t remove it, but put pressure around the object. It can take 10 minutes for blood clots to form, so applying pressure is the most important thing to do.

It is vital that more people learn first aid, so they are aware of what to do in the case of an emergency.  Even primary age children should be taught first aid skills.

The knowledge to be able to help anyone in a medical emergency can save lives.

Last October 2018 in Camberwell, South London, a man in his early twenties had been surrounded by about 10 teenagers and he was stabbed multiple times in the back and neck before the gang ran away.  Scout 16-year-old Lois Mulhall (who had learned first aid as part of her Duke of Edinburgh qualification) had the presence of mind to grab towels from her home and whilst her parents phoned 999, she applied pressure on the man’s neck wounds.

In a letter to Lois, survival expert and Chief Scout Bear Grylls wrote: “Your story is an inspiration to many and personifies all that is best about the scout movement … You should be rightly proud.”  The Emergency services said without her and her parents he would have died. 

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Submitted by Esther from First Response (First Aid) Ltd
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