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25 Mar 2020

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Outlining all the steps we take as a business when it comes to hygiene in the workplace.

As COVID-19 continues to accelerate, it has left the entire globe feeling vulnerable, uncertain and scared. But whilst we should all be taking the threat of the virus seriously, here at Coinadrink we are confident that we are in a good place as we all try to minimise the spread. 


Because whilst many other companies are merely reacting to COVID-19 with new policies and procedures, our hygiene standards are already engrained deeply within our DNA. This is important for any company, but especially for those sitting in the food and beverage industry. Like us.


We believe that having a strong working practise in place puts you in a strong position for the future. And in many ways, it is our traditional pledge to deliver first-class customer service that has widened the opportunity for our hygiene practices to become so advanced. Of course, COVID-19 will make us take a deeper look into our practises to see if there are further improvements to make for the future. But we are starting from a strong and established foundation of best practice.


As part of our operated service for our floorstanding hot drinks machines, our operators are trained to Coinadrink’s own high standards in cleaning, replenishing and servicing your equipment. Each operator benefits from our 58 years’ experience, and our training plans are also flexible as so to conform to industry wide legislation. 


It’s a healthy mix of both nationally recognised standards and bespoke practices. 


Our on-site sanitisation procedure. 


You rely on your hot drinks machine to see you through your day. 


So, when our operator visits your site as part of a regular service plan tailored to suit your requirements, rest assured, your equipment is subject to a tried and tested cleaning process that ensures it remains safe to use.


Want to know more? Click here to read the detailed steps our operators take when on customer premises. 


Our in-house sanitisation procedure. 


And unlike our competitors, we take all contact parts of your machine back to our own premises for thorough sanitisation. We simply don’t believe a deep clean can be achieved any other way, and we don’t intend to take any chances. 


Contact parts that aren’t rigorously cleaned will significantly affect the quality of your drink, as well as potentially being damaging to your health. Our sanitisation process further limits the risk of COVID-19 being spread.


Back on site, the contact parts of your machine are subject to some “TLC” from our kitchen staff. This forms part of a detailed 18, yes 18, step plan that both they and our operators must abide to. If you want to read every one of those stages, you can do so here


Of course, you may be wondering how you can continue to use your machine once these parts have been whisked away. You needn’t worry. We replace your parts with a new pack that has already been sanitised, so the only downtime you’ll be subject to is the half an hour or so that our operator is on your premises. 


This is very much a deliberate cycle that ensures you always enjoy the most hygienic experience from your hot drinks machine. 


Clean and care that extends across our other services. 


We’re an advanced vending and refreshment supplier that is proud to offer a wide range of services. And all of them receive the same level of commitment to hygiene. Of course, and somewhat naturally, some of those services require more emphasis than others. 


Our water dispensers, for example, are also subject to strict procedures. Before we even site them for our customers, our in-house team sanitise the pipes with odourless cleaning solution to ensure they are safe to be used. We then carry out a stringent sanitisation process when we visit site.


You can find that here


Along with advanced technology hidden within the equipment to ensure there is no build-up of bacteria or other nasties, this makes sure your water will remain cool, clear and fresh. 


Of course, all customers receive key training and information upon installation of their equipment and are invited to contact us if they ever require assistance. 


Transparent parts with nothing to hide. 


As part of our culture, we believe in complete transparency in everything we do. If something could look suspicious, it probably is, and that’s the last message we want to risk implying when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.


So forth, the pipes in your hot drinks machine are clear, so you know exactly what our operators are feeding into your machine. It also helps them identify whether parts need replacing. We have nothing to hide, and believe that when information is shared openly, we help shape a “family-feel” culture that brings our business and customers together as one. 


All from a vending supplier you can trust. 


If you want to read our recent blog post regarding Coinadrink Limited being one of the first UK companies to be ISO 45001 accredited for occupational health and safety, you can do so here


We also plan on rolling out more blog posts in the near future detailing other areas we remain pro-active in as the world comes together to battle COVID-19. This includes our five-star food safety rating and our industry leading auditing procedure that ensures our operators never rest on their laurels. 


In what is uncertain times for everyone, Coinadrink Limited is a vending supplier you have always been able to trust. Now more than ever. 


Whilst our competitors may baulk in the face of constant questioning regarding their hygiene procedures, we welcome them, and invite you to contact us on 01922 640777 or at if you want to know anything else. 

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited


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