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28 Nov 2018

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You need to select the best supplier to achieve digital transformation. It's key to partner with a specialist who will advise you and understand your objectives.

It’s a tough ask to digitise a business. Where to start and how far to go are just the first things you may consider let alone what any benefits may be. It's daunting and this simple start point is what holds back a lot of businesses. Getting it wrong can be a real confidence-sapping experience, let alone the effect it leaves on morale in the business and the bottom line. Yet it's been proved time and time again that done right, digitisation brings real benefits and savings.

I’ve seen reports recently that suggest while 72% of business leaders say digital change is in their top 3 priorities 45% lack the knowledge to achieve it.

The right place to start is with a process that directly supports one of your business strategies. That may be to improve internal or external communications, improve invoice management and payment speeds or even an on-boarding of public donations into a charity.

Make sure there are goals set at the start and you know what you are going to achieve and can measure the return on investment as a result. Once you have achieved what you want and have learned then move on to the next area. 

You’ll need to select the best supplier to help you achieve this. It's key to find someone who will be able to advise on the path and obviously understand what you are looking to achieve. Select one you can work with because if they are worth their salt, they’ll recognise your aims and see the support they can give in what will be a long relationship that will benefit both companies. 

Be it software or hardware you need to know what you are implementing will provide a return. That return may not always be fiscal, it may be an efficiency within a process, an improvement in customer service or a lower impact on the environment. All are returns that may or may not have an effect on the bottom line that can be directly attributed.

There is also the management of change to balance out. Users are in 3 groups; early adopters, mass adopters and late adopters, and all need to be managed and handled. This is one of the most forgotten areas of achieving a goal and can be the difference between success and failure, regardless of the money invested or the quality of the solution. 

Not a surprise then that it’s a minefield and although recognised as a requirement in most businesses is still left in the ‘difficult drawer’ in a lot of cases.

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