How to Prepare your Business for Brexit

11 Mar 2019

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An outline of some actions SME business owners can take to prepare for Brexit


With a great deal of uncertainty still surrounding what exactly will happen on or after 29th March, it’s understandable that small growing businesses are concerned about what the future holds. Whilst the lack of a clear outcome makes it difficult to plan ahead, it is of paramount importance to conduct in-depth research around Brexit and how it may affect your company.

We have outlined a few steps you can take in order to help you prepare for the unpredictable times that lay ahead.

1.       Research regulatory changes

It is essential that you dedicate time to research potential regulatory changes that could affect your business or its employees. There are a range of different scenarios that could come to pass once the UK leaves the EU and being well aware of these possible changes will enable you to plan ahead and consider feasible solutions.

For businesses that import and export across the EU, it’s essential to research how the new regulations will affect this process, such as changes to tariffs, border controls and a possible delay in importing goods, which could result in a limited stock supply.

2.    Protect your supply chain

There’s a possibility that your supply chain will be affected once Brexit has taken place, so your business will need to evaluate its processes in order to improve efficiency when importing and exporting goods overseas. Border control between the UK and Europe may tighten up and as a result, goods will take longer to reach their destinations. As a result, it would be worth looking at alternative trade routes, as they may become more affordable once border controls kick in.

You will also need to consider whether your business will still be able to sell its goods and services across the EU.  

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3.     Review your workforce

Small to medium-sized businesses should carry out an audit on the immigration status of their workers. This will help you identify who may be affected by any new immigration controls and in turn, which of those workers would be eligible to apply for settled status. Having a plan in place will ultimately protect your employees and make them feel valued. 

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