Howells Patent Glazing Receive Recognition at Sandwell Business Awards

25 Jul 2018

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IMG 2759Howells Patent Glazing Ltd are the proud recipient of their very first trophies at the recent Sandwell Business Awards. They come after nearly 50 years of successful trading within the construction and manufacturing industry, from what was quintessentially an entrepreneur founded business.

The success highlights the company's commitment to their employees CPD by offering various courses both internally and externally delivered and ranging from level 1 to level 7 professional qualifications.

Debbie Willetts, Financial Controller and Training Mentor, said: "We have been really amazed at the positive responses that we have encountered from staff with these courses, management have led by example and this approach has seen great uptake and requests for further opportunities."

It's also a testament to businesses to keep up to date with new practices and innovation generally, as Gary Howells, Sales Director stated: "We cannot afford to stand still, we have to invest in our future".

Looking towards the future, Howells believe that investment needs to be made in the upcoming generation of school children. They currently offer work experience to 2 schools which involves a pre-planned program taking them through a whistle-stop tour of all departments of the company. In addition to this, the company is releasing two of the higher management to support the Mayors Mentor scheme and other school ambassador programs. Howells know that these a few hours a month has the potential to make a massive different to a young life, and want to raise aspirations and help students access the right learning journey to reach their potential.

Howells would like to see other companies adopting this approach because if everyone contributes a little of their time, the future for our young people will be secure.

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