Ideal refreshment solutions for companies that have embraced home working.

19 Oct 2021

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Here is how you can adapt your workplace to provide everything your reduced on-site team need to stay happy and healthy.

Owing to the last 18 months, people’s working situations have now dramatically changed. Home working was encouraged throughout the pandemic, but even as we try and get back to normal there are still companies that have embraced this way of working.

But even if the number of staff in your workplace has decreased recently, you still have a duty of care to those who remain. Employee perks still matter. Refreshments have been proven to help raise morale and productivity, so here is how you can adapt your solutions if you have chosen to embrace home working.

The statistics behind home working in October 2021.

Owing to benefits for both the employer and employee, home working, or at least flexible working, has continued for many.

This was largely expected. Back in July 2021, over 55% of employers expected that home working and flexible working would continue for at least part of the week. 49% believed that it would continue for the whole week, permanently.

This has led to sometimes drastic changes in the modern workplace. Some sites have closed, whilst other companies have transferred to a smaller premises due to reduced staff numbers.

On-site facilities that previously worked for your requirements may no longer do so. Coinadrink Limited can help transform your workplace and ensure your facilities are ideally suited to what you actually need, now more people are home working.

It may now also be a good time to change your facilities completely. Over the past 18 months or so, people’s attitudes and behaviours towards health, safety and hygiene have also changed.

The good news is that there are now innovative facilities introduced and further developed to cater to this modern world.

How Coinadrink Limited can help your workplace adapt.

We recently shared an article on staff canteens. They may be less popular than what they used to be, but they’re still a key part of the modern workplace.

At Coinadrink, the vending machine company, we are seeing a lot of companies who have embraced home working and who are now wanting to alter their on-site services.

For example, it may be that their canteen no longer works for them. More and more companies are approaching us for vending machine services because they offer refreshments on a slightly smaller scale, whilst requiring minimal maintenance or attention.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to remember that “vending” may not always be what you think. Something as simple as an office coffee machine could instead be what you are looking for.

Catering to lower usage as more people work from home, coffee machines can provide fresh bean coffee and fresh leaf tea from a smaller package. You can purchase your ingredients wherever you want, including from us at great value.

The vending industry has seen dramatic innovation over the years. The last 18 months, particularly. Alongside modern-day technology such as contactless and biometric payments, you can now enjoy contactless equipment.

Designed to remove the already minimal touch points vending entails, you can experience coffee machines, water dispensers and more without needing to physically interact with the equipment.

Providing peace of mind to those who are still working on-site, click here for more information.

Home working workplace facilities We believe our vending machine and refreshment services deliver meaningful employee perks to encourage a happier and more productive workplace as we crave normality again. Our Micro Market is reserved for those who really want to offer their teams more.

Usually more cost-effective than a typical staff canteen, the Micro Market is also more flexible in that it can work for almost any business. We still recommend a certain number of staff on site to experience the benefits, but generally speaking it can work for those with 50+ employees.

It delivers a collection of refreshments in your own self-service convenience store, or “refreshment hub”. It’s designed the way you want it and is available 24 hours a day. This may be convenient if you’re now adopting shift patterns.

More and more companies are now experiencing the benefits the Micro Market brings, as an unrivalled perk that improves company culture. It encourages time out and the opportunity to talk with colleagues, improving morale and boosting relationships.

If you’re currently reviewing your on-site facilities, the Micro Market is well worth looking into.

Embrace home working with Coinadrink Limited.

Home working is a natural change caused by the pandemic. Some companies are slow to go back to “normal”.

For others, this is the new normal. If you’re situation has now changed in the workplace, it’s important to remember that workplace facilities can still work for you. Thanks to massive flexibility in what is available, your reduced team can still experience a better workplace.

From a simple office coffee machine to a fully managed Micro Market, contact us today and make the next step to embracing home working.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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