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06 Aug 2019

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Ever needed to find the perfect introduction during a business networking group? Inigo Montoya nailed it!

If you have ever seen the film “The Princess Bride” you might already be aware of Inigo Montoya. However, if you have never had this moviecation then you have missed out on possibly one of the best networking introductions that has ever been produced. Let’s take a look at his message and why it is a great example.

The phrase in question is “Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” Harsh but it works so well in a networking situation (not the killing parts but let’s take a look).


It is always imperative that you are polite and give a good clear greeting that is the first point of contact. Be nice you’ll benefit from it later.

My name is Inigo Montoya

Introduce yourself clearly and make sure you maintain eye contact with the person you are introducing yourself to. Being clear in the first meet up can stop issues further down the line. Many years ago I learned this lesson after a former manager was introduced into a room and he spent 45 minutes calling some huge clients by the wrong names, despite their obvious name of tags! Get that name in there good and clear and practice remembering names in one way or another it can avoid some embarrassing moments further down the line.

You killed my father

Common ground is a great ice breaker. We all have dream companies we would love to work with so if you’ve done your homework and you have that common ground or subject you are both familiar with. Get it into your conversation.

Prepare to die!

Expectations are everything. Set them early and set them high. Remember networking isn’t just what you can get out of it, it is about a man, that knows a woman, who knows someone who needs a.... if everyone knows what everyone is looking for then it makes for a great round of networking.

Indigo’s approach to looking for the six-fingered man teaches us some great lessons in making amazing contacts at networking events, business groups and general business meetups! 

For those in the Black Country, the Chamber of Commerce is running business groups across the region every second week, and this is a great opportunity to test out a few of those networking skills.

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