Innovation Project Will Develop Health-Aware Future Lighting Designers

11 Sep 2018

Published in: The Chamber Patron Group

Researchers will look at the impact of lighting design on health as part of a new €429,062 project led by the University of Wolverhampton.

Over three years, LIGHT4HEALTH will lead to the development of a new graduate level course to enable lighting designers to benefit from health research.

The project has been granted European funding, after a successful Erasmus+ Key Action 2 strategic partnership bid from the University's Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science and Engineering, supported by the Project Support Office and Brussels office.

Alison Carminke, Academic Enterprise Manager for the University of Wolverhampton's Faculty of Arts, said: "Given that every human being is constantly exposed to some sort of lighting situation, massive introduction of 'human centric lighting' could have a significant social and economic impact for the EU.

"For that to happen, the quality and relevance of students' knowledge and skills needs to be improved, in order to meet the increasingly growing needs of the lighting industry and of the labour market.

"There is a missing link between health research and lighting design and researchers will be testing the impact of technologies and solutions, with wellbeing in mind. It is important to look at lighting in the workplace, for example, where people spend many hours each day."

The findings will be developed into a new postgraduate curriculum to prepare professionals for the future of the lighting industry.

LIGHT4HEALTH will be officially launched by universities from Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Russia, the UK and the USA on 3 October 2018 in Wolverhampton. It will be followed by a project presentation and matchmaking event on 4 October, which will be open to academics and business community. Anyone interested in participating in the second event should contact by 21 September 2018.

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