Is the telephone outdated?

03 Jul 2020

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Is the telephone still the best method of credit control?

Is the telephone still the go to tool for credit control?

If you would’ve asked me that question 10 years ago it would have been a resounding yes but over the past few years, as technology has advanced, I think other methods have become just as important as the telephone. Whilst actually having a conversation with someone about payment is the most effective way to get your answers I have found that some people are just too busy to answer the phone.

I suppose it all depends on the client you are chasing. If it’s a large company you are chasing then email will probably get the quickest response, especially when a lot of teams are working from home and doing adhoc hours. If it’s a smaller company or sole trader then whilst a mobile is a great way of getting in touch it might be that you need to send a text or WhatsApp.

A good credit controller will make use of all tools available and really get to know the client they are chasing so that they know which method will get them the quickest response. Being able to work quickly and efficiently is a must for keeping cash flow at its optimum.

Submitted by Gemma from JCML Collections Ltd
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