Keep your staff on site during the colder months with a vending machine or Micro Market!

09 Oct 2020

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Now that we're firmly in the autumn season, learn why vending or the Micro Market would be a great choice for your workplace.

Whilst it’s important for your team to take regular breaks, keeping them on site for their downtime now just got even more important. With the unpredictable autumnal weather well and truly upon us, you should be looking to review your facilities on site.

Through Coinadrink and our branch division Express Refreshments, responsible for the UK’s first ever Micro Market in 2013, we take a look at why you should be looking to upgrade your refreshment facilities in your workplace and how we can help with our services.

What do your workforce actually want?

First of all, it’s probably a good idea to examine what your workforce actually wants and why refreshments on site are important. We’ll jump straight into it with some important statistics.

- 71% of office workers said that having high-quality tea and coffee available improves their working day.

- Over a third of office workers say not drinking enough water damages productivity.

- The average office worker drinks around 1000 cups of coffee every year!

So, you see, whether it’s coffee or water, office workers are demanding high quality tea and coffee on their premises. And with 89% of workers at companies that support wellbeing initiatives saying they would recommend their company as a good place to work, it’s clear that refreshments are an effective tool to shine a positive light on the culture of your business.

Why you should keep staff on site for their refreshments.

We have always maintained that a vending machine, coffee machine or a Micro Market is a great solution to the wellbeing issues that plague workers up and down the country. A key reason why is because they keep staff on site, which carries a lot of individual benefits.

- Staff are more likely to keep to their allocated break time.

- Staff will enjoy a more meaningful break time, one that doesn’t involve rushing around and queuing in coffee shops or fast food outlets.

- Staff will be able to relax with their colleagues, strengthening relationships and engagement.

- Staff won’t have to brave the harsh elements during the colder, wetter weather.

Encouraging your team to stay on your premises during break time improves relationships, boosts morale and increases productivity. Especially as we enter the colder seasons!

Why a vending machine is a great choice.

If you’ve recognised the need to keep staff on site for their refreshments, you may be looking at the best solutions. The kettle is the common choice, it would seem.

But the kettle is an archaic refreshment solution that should have been discarded from the workplace a long time ago. It’s slow, consumes a lot of energy and cannot capture the level of quality your workforce quite clearly requires.

And in the current unprecedented times, when everybody puts a greater emphasis on hygiene, using the kettle contains too many touch points to recommend it as a safe option.

A vending machine eliminates those touch points by having all ingredients stored within the machine. And with new Purezone technology, now available on a number of Coinadrink equipment, you can continue to use your vending machine with peace of mind. Or why not check out our range of contactless equipment?

Elsewhere, there are a number of additional benefits:

- Cost-effective.

- Convenient and easy to manage. We can even handle the maintenance and replenishment for you if required.

- High quality beverages including fresh bean coffee and fresh leaf tea. - Healthier snacks, fresh food and cold drinks.

- Stylish, innovative and technologically advanced.

Or upgrade to a Micro Market.

Our range of vending machines can cater to a higher volume of staff, but what if you’re looking for a solution that’s specifically designed for larger workplaces? That’s where the Micro Market comes in.

Through Express Refreshments, we have more experience than any other UK company in Micro Market’s. To summarise, a Micro Market is a self-service convenience store that’s tailored to suit your workplace. A variety of quality refreshments are available in an open plan design that’s accessible 24 hours a day. This makes it perfect for larger sites in remote locations.

We mentioned above the importance of keeping staff on site for their break time and the Micro Market provides everything that’s needed.

Hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks and more are available here, and whilst products are pre-packaged to grab-and-go, we can also intertwine your market with your breakout area to encourage a more meaningful break time with your colleagues.

Unlike a canteen, which remains a popular choice amongst larger sites, a Micro Market can work for any type of business with any space available. And because it’s unmanned, it becomes most cost-effective and a lot more hygienic. Even payment is handled through an innovative, cashless terminal.

Ask about a vending machine or Micro Market today!

Coinadrink has over 58 years’ experience in making vending work for all businesses. And Express Refreshments was developed on the back of our experience, identifying a gap in the market for larger workplaces.

Through our services, we can help increase wellbeing and improve productivity. And now we’re well and truly in the autumn season, there couldn’t be a better time to upgrade your facilities on site.

We hope this article has been of benefit to you. To enquire about our services, or for further information, contact us on 01922 640777 or visit our website to leave us a message.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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