Lawyer warns of social media threat to settling disputed wills

06 Sep 2019

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Lawyer warns of social media threat to settling disputed wills

Families in dispute over relatives’ wills are being warned not to air their feelings publicly on social media, as it can be used as evidence in court.


Robert Weston, partner and contentious probate specialist at Midlands law firm mfg Solicitors, has warned that people forget their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are like “shouting your private business into a loudhailer.”


The nationally-recognised probate expert said people who “flaunt” their wealth or get into disputes with relatives on social media may not realise but their posts and photographs can used in court as evidence to demonstrate any claims to an estate.


Mr Weston said: “People spend so many hours on social media as they see it as something harmless and just part of their day to day life.


“The danger is that the messages posted remain and those off-the-cuff remarks can come back when you least expect them to.


“Instagram, Facebook and Twitter act as a window to the world, providing extra information that can either support or go against a case. It is like shouting your private business into a loudhailer and many people fail to recognise that.”


Readers looking to understand more about the subject can contact Mr Weston through or by calling 0845 55 55 321.

Submitted by Lorraine from MFG Legal Services Limited
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