Lie To Me.

22 Oct 2020

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You know me, I work hard but I like my chill time too.

You know me, I work hard but I like my chill time too. I’ve recently started watching a new TV series. It’s a drama about a micro-expression specialist. He solves crimes, saves marriages and prevents catastrophes using micro-expressions to discover the truth. It’s called Lie To Me. Worth a watch if you like a good drama. It’s all fiction of course, but it got me thinking about how important non-verbal communication is. In fact, 93% of all our communication is non-verbal - only 7% comes down to words! I’ve always been a big believer in good communication. As you know, Millennium is built on the core foundation of relationships. We’re not another faceless forwarder just pushing through volume to get to the cash. We get to know our customers. Understand their business. And build a good old-fashioned relationship with you - so that we can serve you better and you keep coming back. 2020 has made this a little tricky. Throughout the lockdown, I couldn’t meet with any of our customers. I couldn’t travel the world making connections or go to any of the networking events. We did what we had to. We adapted. Meetings moved to Zoom and I learnt to connect and communicate with people over video. But now we’re moving into another new territory. As the world limps back to some new kind of normal we’re stuck in this “in the middle” situation. Yes, we can meet with people for business. But there’s still restrictions in place that have an impact on how that meeting goes. Just last week I had a meeting with some potential new clients. We sat in the room together - safely distanced and all wearing masks. But it was HARD going. This client is from the Far East - English is not their native language. And I’m a Brummie with a strong accent. Usually, body language, facial expressions and lip reading get us through. But the language barrier, the face coverings and the distance made communicating effectively super tough. We got there in the end and I’m excited about working with them in the future. But it really did highlight just how much of an impact removing those non-verbal cues can have. I was really excited to be getting back out there and meeting people in the real world again. Now I’m not so sure. So is there still value to be had in real life meetings if your faces are covered and you can’t shake hands? Or is it better to keep meetings to Zoom where you can all see my smiley Brummie face? What do you think?

Submitted by Chadd from Millennium Cargo Services Ltd
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