Lockdown Bears

10 Jun 2020

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Ellen and June delivered bears with personal messages written on them to families who could not be with their loved ones as they were at the end of life.

Our company Libben Health & Safety seen that communities were struggling during the lockdown of COVID-19 and we wanted to step out and help. Ellen Jones and June Smith have worked solidly for 6 weeks now working 10-12 hours a day taking orders, making posting with several other jobs.

In the early days, Ellen and June were delivering to families who could not be with their loved ones as they were at the end of life, so bears were taken in with their personal message written on them.

They both created I was born in lockdown bears, bears for schools, hospitals Birmingham Children's Hospital and Charity, NHS key workers, care workers and grandchildren. Some bears have brought them great smiles and a lot of messages and stories have caused tears. Ellen and June’s bear creation went viral in 2 weeks and couldn’t answer the 1000s of messages sitting in my spam folder.

These two lovely ladies helped to donate to Walsall manor hospital, a food bank, single families struggling and isolation care packages. Last week’s donation went to Little Starfish charitable Organisation 

It’s fantastic what Ellen and June have done and are still continuing to do this now. As a company, we are proud of them both and want people to remember great memories when help is needed.

Submitted by Christina from Libben Health & Safety
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