Moving from Ostriches to Magpies: Productivity Through Innovation

02 Jan 2018

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Attending the UK Innovation Summit in London before Christmas, it was great to hear from some of the UK's prominent business leaders and innovation experts on ways that businesses can innovate to improve productivity. 

Keeping things simple and eliminating risk was a key theme from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), who presented ways in which the UK can tackle differences in productivity levels across businesses, with the ostrich to magpie method.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, e-commerce, cloud-based IT are just some of the examples where businesses especially SME's, can adopt tried and tested technologies to improve productivity, including adapting to proven management best practices.

Why Magpies?

"Magpies' are needed more in the UK - they have the power to adopt to changing landscapes such as; readily available technology and best practices from management, lifting productivity and paying off. "Ostriches'? well, they will stick to what you know in the changing world.

Closing the Productivity Gap

Taking up cloud computing or even investing in a good CRM system can aid in productivity in the office, helping staff to work smarter with streamlined technology, access to information (inside and outside the office). The same applies to sharing of proven management's best practices, all of this is referred to as a "diffusion of innovation' - according to the CBI.

Leading the Way for Innovation

Be more Magpie! Businesses need to move with the times and look further into what consumers require - innovating and supplying more. Increasing productivity does not necessarily mean pure digital developments, it also includes changes in HR, finance including efficient technology which reduces administration time and increases quality of work. The technology is already there, it simply needs adapting and adopting.

Lead the way for your industry - Invest in proven technology and management best practices. Find out more information on "ostriches' to "magpies' here:

If you would like to access support to help you to become "more Magpie' and improve your productivity and competitiveness, please contact us to find out more about the funded support that may be available to you in the Black Country:

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