Opportunity in uncertainty

05 Oct 2020

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2020 - What could you have done differently? Our latest blog post looks at finding the opportunity in the uncertainty.

“When everyone else is losing their heads, it is important to keep yours.” Marie Antoinette

I’ll never forget that anxious feeling that crept over me when the headline announced: ‘Coronavirus case confirmed in the UK’. It was mind blowing how it escalated after that. Every day new infections, new deaths, new guidance. Real news. Fake news. Total media minefield.


New phrases were coined. Was this the “new normal”? When will we be able to think “post-Covid”? In these “unprecedented times”, what next?

One day the penny dropped. The realisation that life will never be the same again. And that’s when it hit me. Do we wait it out and risk being left behind or accept the situation, learn and adapt? Is it all about risk? Or mindset?

In this world, lessons don’t happen when everything goes your way. It’s about how we deal with the curve balls. How about turning everything on its head and seeing 2020 as a year you used difficult circumstances in a positive way? How about finding opportunity in the uncertainty? What opportunities could you find, if you chose to look for them?

Wouldn’t it be a fantastic story to tell your grandkids? “We didn’t just survive Covid-19. We flourished.”

And in the next breath: “And the following year, your grandad’s livelihood saw growth he had never imagined in his wildest dreams and he became a family man.

“A man that didn’t just provide for his family. A man that was present. All because he had the right mindset during the biggest crisis of our generation.”

Our guidance over the past six months has ensured our clients have weathered the storm and led their teams in the best possible way. And that’s not all. Armed with the tools to identify great opportunities, many have set themselves up for more efficient growth and recognised the value in taking a step back.

How has your business faired this year? If you had your time again, what could you have done differently?

Submitted by Lewis from ActionCOACH Black Country
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