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14 Jul 2022

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The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is one of the most popular pick-up trucks in the UK, it could be for many reasons; the exterior styling, the interior, the luxurious finish, or just because it's a Ford Ranger.

Max Hard Tonneau

The main difference between the Wildtrak trim and the Limited trim on the Ford Ranger is the styling hoop that fits to the back of the truck bed near the bulkhead window. The Max Hard Tonneau was designed and built with the styling hoop in mind, allowing you to maintain the traditional pick-up look and keep the styling hoop. The clamp-on installation means that no drilling is required and the 45-degree opening angle makes this versatile accessory a superb upgrade for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. 

Mountain Top Tonneau Cover

Mountain Top have an extensive range of roller shutters for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The Mountain Top Roller is the most recognised roller shutter on the market for the Wildtrak due to the fact that the styling hoop doesn't have to be removed to be fitted which is the case for many other roller shutter tonneau covers on the market. They have recently added the Mountain Top EVOm and EVOe to their catalogue for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The Mountain Top EVOm is a manual roller shutter with a hidden handle for optimum security and is virtually impossible to gain entry to when locked. The Mountain Top EVOe follows the same design however it is an electric roller shutter that also benefits from having an interior light.

Wheel Arch Kit

Providing an aggressive look for your Ford Ranger Wildtrak, wheel arch kits are a must-have. Not only do they enhance the look of your pick-up, but they also provide added protection to the wheel arches against road debris. Our range boasts a lot of features, such as additional protection, heavy-duty ABS, easy to install and remove and an in depth and easy-to-follow fitting kit. 

Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflectors are a small, subtle way to improve the look of your vehicle. Not only do Wind Deflectors enhance the look of your vehicle, but they are also a very practical upgrade that reduces wind noise. Our aerodynamic design allows you to have your windows open whilst the wind deflectors divert the wind and rain from coming into the interior of the vehicle. All of our wind deflectors are vehicle-specific and are designed to fit snug to your Ford Ranger Wildtrak. 

Bonnet Guard

Protect your Wildtrak from stone chips, bugs or debris with an EGR bonnet guard that is designed specifically for each vehicle, allowing the design to complement the contours and lines. A simple, non-drill fit, allows you to easily improve the look of your vehicle in minutes. 

Truckman Grand

A hardtop canopy is always a good choice for a pick-up truck and the Truckman Grand is iconic. The UK's best-selling premium pick-up truck canopy has a stylish, cab-high design and tinted pop-out side windows, the Grand is OEM-approved by top manufacturers. The deluxe interior of the Truckman Grand also features an automatic LED light which helps to increase visibility within the truck bed. Although the styling hoop will have to be removed, our Truckman Grand hardtop canopy is still a popular choice among Ford Ranger Wildtrak owners.

Front Bars

Add an aggressive look to your Ford Ranger Wildtrak with our range of front bars. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, our front bars are . Our range of black, powder-coated front bars will make your truck stand out from the crowd and provide the ultimate protection to the front of your vehicle. Our bull bars are also available in stainless steel as well.

Light Bars

Our range of light bars are specifically designed for each vehicle, the effective use of advanced optics gives you enhanced visibility in low-visibility conditions – in both length and width of the light – with an emphasis on the road ahead. This is especially practical in giving incredibly strong light both horizontally and vertically to help spot dangers along the roadside. Through the mixed/combo beam pattern, the light emitted from the centre of the light bar is optimised for additional frontal reach and visibility without wasting too much light upwards or into the periphery.

Max Sliding Tray

The Max Sliding Tray removes the need to stretch and reach over into your truck bed to retrieve your cargo. By simply pressing and pulling on the ergonomic cross over handle, the easy access bed slide allows you to reach the contents of your truck bed at waist height with ease. Maxliners sliding tray extends your load area out by 25% and comes complete with a unique super lock system to keep your goods safe and secure.

Submitted by Stephanie from Auto Styling Truckman Group
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