Reducing our environmental impact

29 Mar 2022

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With climate change being a very current and important issue, we are taking our own steps to reduce our environmental impact on the earth

As global warming, climate change and plastic pollution are current issues that are severely affecting the world we live in, as a company we wish to make a change and help the earth by reducing our environmental impact.

18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into our oceans every single year, 40% of plastic packaging that is produced is only used once and is then discarded. These statistic show how crucial change in our lifestyles is needed. One small change carried out by each person can have such a huge impact on a larger scale. Here at Stainless Steel Services we have provided all of our employees with reusable stainless steel bottles, this has annihilated the need, use and discard of single use plastics within the workplace. We also ensure the small amount of plastic we do use is properly recycled.

Global warming is a very serious issue that is having drastic effects on our world. There is increased draught, more severe storms, increase in poverty and displacement and much more. Global warming is also causing a loss of species in the wild, for example increased temperatures are leading to ice caps melting, the ocean rising and warming and this in turn has led to a sufficient loss of Artic/Antarctic wildlife. As a company, to reduce our carbon footprint and our contribution to global warming, we have implemented the use of electric vehicles within our transport fleet. Electric vehicles are a greener alternative to petrol or diesel as when combustion takes place greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. By eliminating exhaust and combustion, electric vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also use LED’s throughout our site, LED’s are 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights and emit zero toxic elements.

As a stainless steel stockholders we obviously deal mainly with stainless steel. Stainless steel has one of the lightest impacts on the earth out of all known engineering materials. It is 100% recyclable so at the end of its life it can be recycled to create new stainless that is as strong and long lasting as the original.

Humans impact on the earth is having very catastrophic effects and change needs to occur to ensure a better life for future generations. Here at Stainless Steel Services we intend to keep up our current changes and will implement more in the future to ensure we stay sustainable, eco-friendly and so that we are doing our bit for the world.

Submitted by Lesley from Stainless Steel Services Limited
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