S4S Foundation "Breakthru" Sponsorship Opportunity - Places still available to sponsor

22 May 2019

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Sponsorship opportunity to make a difference to the lives of a group of children

S4S Foundation ‘Breakthru’ Programme - Places still available

Could you help make a difference to a child, or young person’s life?

The S4S Foundation has been set up in Wolverhampton to help improve social and mental health and wellbeing and provide better employment prospects for as many children, young people, families and communities, within our City as possible.

By offering programmes of support that will have a real and positive impact on lives, we aim to equip those we can reach with valuable experiences and ‘tools’ that will enable them to cope with modern day life pressures and thrive in challenging circumstances.

In our latest programme we have partnered with EngagedU to offer young people a fantastic opportunity to ‘Breakthru’ their glass ceilings of limitation and discover their inner strengths and capabilities to become strong, independent, resilient members of society, enriching their own lives and also those of the families and communities around them.

How you can help……

Could you or your business organisation sponsor a child to attend the Summer 2019 Residential?

Breakthru offers a 3-day residential taking place at Panteinion Hall in North Wales. Here, young people will develop their inner ‘hero’ who can step up when challenged to deal with life’s problems and perform difficult tasks. They will learn new skills to help them discover their inner talents and learn to use failure as a learning tool rather than as a painful episode. This beautiful setting also offers stunning landscapes and vistas and a family atmosphere that will encourage and enrich each child’s individual experience.

EngagedU has extensive experience of delivering residential-based learning and self-discovery opportunities to young people aged 10 to 14.  Activities have been evaluated by Lancaster University and have shown strong improvements across all the 21 important factors influencing resilience.

There are thousands of young people in need of a boost and S4S Foundation want to offer residentials to as many of these young people as possible.

The full price of one child is £795.00, this covers all costs and kit.

If you would like to sponsor a child, or learn more about the work we do, please email Jill Purcell at; Jill.purcell@s4sfoundation.org.uk , or call 07951 828407.

We are a new charity - your support will make a huge difference!

Submitted by Jill from S4S Foundation


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