Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Gutters in 2024

08 Jul 2024

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We’re well into spring now, well supposedly anyway given all the recent wet weather and it’s definitely gutter cleaning season for us here at Green Clean Hygiene.

We’ve been visiting lots of customers recently both commercial and domestic with varying different degrees of blocked gutters and the problems arising from them.

Clogged gutters not only look uneasy on the eye but they can lead to costly damage to your premise or home, knowing the signs that it’s time to clean your gutters in 2024 is crucial for preventing issues.

Stay ahead of potential problems by recognising these 9 key signs.

1. Pests and Animals

Creatures and critters can be attracted by the contents of dirty gutters and birds, squirrels and rodents can be attracted by the food sources contained in them. If you’re seeing or hearing any of these animals it’s a first sign that they need emptying and cleaning to prevent pest problems.

2. Plants/Weeds Growing

If you can see plants, weeds and other foliage growing from your gutters then it’s definitely time to get them cleaned out! There’s enough soil, nutrients and water up there along with daylight to create the perfect growth environment.

3. Overflowing Water

Water spilling over the sides of your gutters during rainfall is an indication that there is a blockage somewhere along the run that needs attention before it starts to cause structural damage to your property.

4. Sagging Gutters

Debris, moss, soil can be surprisingly heavy especially when wet that can cause a visibly sagging or bendy gutter which needs clearing out to prevent damage and breakages.

5. Stains and Mildew

You might be starting to see the tinge of green mildew on your soffits, fascias, walls or floor along with the smell where stagnant water has nowhere else to flow to.

6. Roof Leaks, Damp and Mould

Gutters help to move water away from your premise but can only do so when they are free flowing. If it has nowhere to go, it has to go somewhere and this may result in roof leaks which would be more costly to remediate and also lead to other issues such as internal damp and mould.

7. Paint Damage

Another sign that it’s time to get your gutters cleaned is that paintwork internal or external is starting to bubble, peel or chip.

8. Structural Damage

In severe cases or where they have been left unattended for a significant period of time there could be visible damage, cracks to brickwork and even structural damage that would be costly to repair. Don’t leave it till it gets to this point!

9. They Haven’t Been Cleaned In A While

If you can’t really remember the last time they were cleaned then it’s definitely a sign that they’re due and you’re possibly already experiencing one of the problems above.

What Have You Found In Gutters?

We quite often get asked this question and it varies from very little to soil, moss, flowers and actual trees with 3 feet roots to balls, toys, bottles and shiny items that the magpies have stored there!

When’s The Best Time To Get Them Cleaned?

We’d recommend getting them cleaned during spring and autumn or when the weather changes as this generally means a new season.

What Can I Do To Prevent Gutter Blockages?

You can schedule to get them cleaned out regularly to help prevent issues from occurring and there is also the option to have gutter brushes installed after the clean to help prevent large debris such as leaves from settling in the gutters.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above or just thinking about getting your gutters cleaned it’s worth enlisting the help of a professional company that has the right skills and equipment to complete the task safely.

Cleaning gutters often means working at heights which is a risk of slips, trips and falls that you may not be aware of or correctly trained to do.

Our professional team at Green Clean Hygiene can help with commercial and domestic gutter cleaning taking the hassle away for you.

Call us on 0121 630 1193 or email us at to arrange a free quote.

Submitted by Trish from Green Clean Hygiene LLP
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