Simple Ways Employees Can Be More Sustainable

05 Jun 2024

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Looking for more ways to be sustainable in the workplace? See how you can help go green with our tips below.

As today marks World Day, we have come up with five ways you can be greener this season. The British Chambers of Commerce breaks down the future of Green Innovation in the full report – outlining key issues, and our solutions. But what can you do now? Come along to our next Quarterly Economic Data Reveal, where we are focusing on net-zero and carbon emissions for businesses across Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton. In the meantime, we challenge you to start implementing the small steps listed below to create a big impact.

1. Walk/cycle to work routine

Depending on your commute, it may be possible to start walking or cycling to work. This is a great way to make use of existing company facilities, e.g. bike sheds while reducing your carbon footprint. If you drive to work, why not consider starting a carpool? Over time this can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and offers a chance to catch up with colleagues outside the office.

2. Keep saving office energy

Making sure office lights, taps, radiators, and fans are turned off when not in use is often the first step toward minimising energy waste. Ensuring that energy use is being efficiently monitored can help set new energy targets and drive companies to alternative ways to innovate when it comes to sustainability in the workplace. In this way, working as a team to monitor energy use can have a lasting positive impact

3. Bring in more green
With spring cleaning out the way, it might be time to introduce some potted pets in your workspace. Indoor plants are natural stress relievers in addition to bringing more nature inside. Did you know that enough larger species of indoor trees can cool building temperatures by up to 10°C? Perhaps a unique way to cool down in the upcoming summer heat while cutting down on energy costs...

4. Less plastic is fantastic

We’ve all been there – feeling guilty for falling for single use plastic at the vending machine walking back to an office full of reusable water bottles and Stanley cups. In fact, Platinum members Coinadrink are well underway in their switch from plastic to paper cups across their hot beverage machines in the region. This move was inspired after a wider bill to make the recycling of vending cups easier.

5. Join a NetZero pledge
Making a pledge toward sustainability allows businesses to share best practice, resources and knowledge with a wider network of companies. Chamber membership offers a range of forums to bring important conversations to the forefront and inspire action through collaboration.

Want to learn more?

We are partnering with Auditel and Platinum members Control Energy Costs Ltd to run a free webinar ‘Why NetZero Matters?’ The importance of Net Zero cannot be overstated - supply chain pressures are mounting because of suppliers' carbon footprint.

Some businesses are being excluded from tenders due to their inaction on Net Zero. Already, plans are in place to make carbon a balance sheet item that accountants will be advising you to reduce. Implementing a Net Zero plan won't cost you money - it will save you money in the long term. We can help to make it simple for you to start your journey.


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