Strong Leadership and Governance Programme Launched

14 Jan 2021

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Strong Leadership and Governance Programme Launched

Strong Leadership and Governance Programme Launched

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce has launched its latest initiative providing Professional Development for Directors, Board Members and Business Owners across the region.

Business Leaders face unprecedented challenges with strong Leadership and Governance never being more crucial.

The Director and Board Development series comprises a suite of courses and bespoke workshops designed to build and reinforce the competencies needed to be an exemplar in the role.

Designed and led by business professionals with a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, they are able to bring the topics to life with practical examples and case studies from the real world.

Chamber Commercial Director, Calum Nisbet, explained why the timing of these courses is so important.

“No one could have anticipated how hard 2020 would be for business leaders and 2021 looks like it will bring its own challenges.

“Government intervention and the extension of the Furlough Scheme has been very welcome, but we all accept it is delaying some tough decision making that still has to be made.

“This is where good governance comes into its own,” continued Calum, “It ensures that there is a good decision-making process in place, that policies and procedures exist to ensure accuracy, consistency and responsiveness to key stakeholders. It helps Directors to be agile and to make decisions with confidence, ensuring the future of the business.

“With their decision making and behaviour under scrutiny, now is the time for Boards to be clear about the leadership they provide.

“The months ahead are going to be tough and the Chamber recognises that robust leadership and good governance are key to the recovery of businesses across the Black Country. We are well placed to support business leaders and run regular confidential Peer to Peer learning sessions, allowing Directors to gain insights and perspectives from other senior leaders.”

Calum concluded, “Our development courses are led by inspiring individuals who have all had professional business careers, gaining a wealth of knowledge that helps them empathise with the Directors they work with, ensuring their courses are highly practical, relevant and fresh, with numerous case studies to discuss.”

The Chamber’s Director and Board Development Series will be delivered virtually and in half day sessions with courses also delivered as bespoke ‘in house’ programmes for businesses who have a number of individuals interested in development.

The launch of the new suite of development programmes kicks off with a FREE seminar on Thursday 21st January at 4pm for one hour; the session will be led by Programme Leaders Jean Pousson and Anna Bateson, allowing business leaders to get an understanding of the content and style of the programme.

For further details and to book your place visit: 

Introduction to Director and Board Webinar For more information visit: Director and Board Development - Black Country Chamber of Commerce or contact Calum Nisbet direct at:

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